Top 5 Driving Test Fails in Telford

Top 5 driving test fails in telford

Top 5 serious driving test faults

Despite the changes to the driving test, you’ll be interested to hear that the top 5 driving test fails in telford have not changed. We thought it’d be useful to give you some advice on how you can avoid these.

Top 5 Driving Test Fails in Telford

Observations at junctions

During the test, you will get a serious fault if they aren’t taking effective observations before emerging at junctions and emerge into the path of other vehicles. You should remind yourself to look both ways to make sure it’s safe before proceeding.

Top 5 Driving Test Fails in Telford

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Mirrors before changing direction

Another common fault pupils make is not remembering to use their mirrors, or only checking one of them. You should remind your pupils of the importance of always checking their mirrors effectively before doing things like changing lanes, signalling or increasing or decreasing speed. This is a simple mistake that can be easily prevented.

Moving off safely

Similarly, when your pupils are moving off from the side of the road, they need to make sure they look around, check their blind spots and indicate correctly.

Control when steering

Your pupils need to be able to maintain a steady course in normal driving during the test. Things like mounting the kerb while driving, or not following the contour of the kerb results in faults in this area.

Turning right at junctions

When approaching a junction and turning right, it’s important your pupils position their vehicle correctly. The vehicle shouldn’t cut the corner when turning right. Your pupils should also watch out for cyclists and motorcyclists, and any pedestrians crossing the road.

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