How Does The Instructor Know What I Need To Work On?

Learning To Drive – Frequently Asked Questions


How Does The Instructor remember what I need to work on?

There are 2 primary ways.

First is every pupil is given a driving progress book – this lists everything that you need to cover and the approximate order that you do it in. These are marked by a numbered system of 1 to 5.

1 means it’s the first time you have covered the subject, by the time you get to 4 and 5 it means that you are doing it with no help from the instructor. Also on the back of the progress cards you have a section where the instructor writes down any points that he feels that you need to work on.

This means that you can work on this if you get private practice, or, when you next meet your instructor, it reminds him what needs to be done.



Electronically – All our driving instructors, electronic notes on their devices. This is easier to do than writing as with predictive wording the device gets used to what they are going to write, thus allowing the instructor to spend more time watching you and the road, than looking at a piece of paper and their jittery writing because of the car bouncing along the potholes!

ROADPADEvery instructor also has an app called Roadpad  – this tracks the vehicle on your driving lesson and allows the instructor, to mark the map and add quick notes as to what went wrong and why.

 This then means that on all subsequent lessons the driving instructor knows, exactly what and more importantly where, you need to work on.

The other thing that roadpad allows,  is for your driving instructor to take the picture of where you have gone wrong and to go through it with you by actually writing on the image

This is why at the driving test centre, the driving instructor just takes a few minutes to go through with you, the particular sticking points where you may have gone wrong, or places that you are worried about travelling to, just before the test to help calm your nerves.

By using the most up to date teaching devices we believe this helps you understand more, helps you become a safer driver and helps you become a better driver.